Monday, August 1, 2011

August Monthly Menu

1. Chicken and rice, shells and cheese, and broccoli
2.  Beef tips over noodles , tomatoes, green beans and rolls
3.Ground Beef Lo Mein (*NEW)
4. Fried chicken tenders, sweet potato fries and salad
5.  Spaghetti, Texas toast , and left over salad
6. CMIOG Recipe from Guest Chef
7.  Chicken burritos, (leftovers for dad)  *freeze extra batch for lunches
8.  Sausage, potato onion mix , cornbread
9.   Black eye peas over rice & leftovers from 8th
10.  Fried pork chops (left over rice) gravy, broccoli, biscuits
11.  Pot roast , mashed potatoes, green beans
12.  Vegetable beef soup made from LO roast, and grilled cheese
13.  Taco salad, Nachos
14.  Fried Shrimp, grits, and french fries, and don't forget the big glass of sweet tea
15.  Lasagna, cheesy pull apart bread
16.  Skillet Ground Beef Stew, over rice, mac and cheese (NEW)
17. Crock pot mac n cheese, ham slices
18.  MOMS favorite Breakfast
19. Simple Spaghetti sauce, over angel hair pasta (new)
20. Grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips
21.  Grilled steaks,  french fries
22. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ...Root beer BBQ pork roast, mac n cheese, baked beans
23. Homemade pizzas
24. Left over BBQ pork sandwiches , Baked potatoes
25.  Chicken Quesadillas (NEW) Salsa (new) chips
26.  Country Fried Steak, mahed potatoes, broccoli
27. CM's Birthday Dinner TBA
28.  Grilled chicken tenders (NEW) green beans, baked potatoes
29.  Dripping Beef Sandwiches, chips
30.  Copy Cat Skillitini, Italian bread
31.  Meat loaf, rice and tomatoes, corn

Dessert: Nana's banana split cake, BIRTHDAY cake, back to school cookies and cupcakes


  1. I didn't know you had a monthly menu - is there a link on your main blog?? I found this by accident clicking on your blogger profile name...

    So how do you break up your grocery shopping?? I would love to see your grocery list to match your menu plans... cause you know - anything to make it easier!

  2. No, I should put a link on there I hadnt even thought of that. This was actually my first blog, and it has become neglected as the other took over.

    I usually do my grocery shopping twice a month once around the first and once around the 16th. Thats how often we get paid . Every now and again I get really spunky and do the whole month at once but thats not often. I make my menu, then I shop for the first two weeks but I know what I have on the list for the next so if there is a good sale I can go ahead and pick those items up. Today it was 2 pages so I dont know about easier lol. It took me forever.

  3. The Ground Beef Lo Mein sounds absolutely delicious!