Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monkey Pizza's

Cooking with kids Muffin pizzas or monkey pizza as my kids call it.

Needed 1 Pillsbury Pizza Crust
Pizza sauce to tomato sauce
*any other toppings wanted

Pinch off pizza crust into pieces and drop into a muffin cup.  I spray the pan with cooking spray first.
Preheat oven to temp. stated on pizza crust.
After you drop in your crust add a spoonful of sauce.
Top with cheese and other toppings.
Bakes about 10-12 minutes.

Why I love these...
*kids can easily make them on their own
*easy to individualize
*can pop the leftovers into a freezer back for a future snack

Here's a set ready to go into the oven.  I forgot to get a picture of them after they came out ...oops
Everyone was ready to eat!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

chocolate chip cookie pie can you say yum.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Key Lime Tarts

I found the recipe for this Delicious dessert over at one of my new favorite blogs OUR BEST BITES!  As soon as I saw them I knew I had to try them.  I love key lime. 

Doesn't this just make you want to grab a fork or spoon?

Here is what you need:

5 egg yolks
1 - 14 ounce condensed milk
limes for lime juice(took me 4 limes)
mini graham cracker pie crust (found by regular graham cracker crust)

Here is what to do ~

Preheat your oven to 350.

In a mixing bowl beat 5 egg yolks, add in can of sweetened condensed milk ( you know it has to be good with sweetened condensed milk MMM)
Then mix in your lime juice.  This was the step I didn't like juicing all of them limes Ha.  But so worth it. I spilt some of my precious juice so it took me 4 limes.  I think you could get away with 3 if your not clumsy like me. Mix it all together and pour it into your pie shells.

Put them on a baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes.

getting ready to bake them
coming out of the oven

Let cool off and then refrigerate.  Serve with I just use regular cool whip.  There is a recipe for your own at Our Best Bites

Wasn't that super easy.  You can add green food coloring if you'd like.  I did Not do that.  But I love them.  Can't wait to make these to take somewhere and share.  Who doesn't want their own little mini pie?  I love taking a LOVED food to an event don't you?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Menu

1. Fall off the bone BBQ ribs, Fresh out of the garden green beans, Mac and Cheese
2. Homemade Pizzas
3. Cook out for Father in laws Birthday ~ hamburgers, hot dogs, slaw, beans and Birthday Cake
4. *New Recipe (mommy's kitchen)smoked  sausage kabobs , french fries
5.  Spaghetti, garlic bread
6.  Chicken and Rice , Squash, Mac and cheese
7.  *New Recipe ( mommy's kitchen) Smothered Pork chops, mashed potatoes , garden green beans and tomatoes
8.  Taco Salad
9.  Pot roast, mashed  potatoes, broccoli
`0.  *New Recipe (mommy's kitchen) sticky finger wraps, sweet potato fries
11.  Salisbury Steaks over Rice, Squash, Green Beans, sliced tomatoes
12.  Skillitini, Italian Bread
13.  Mom's crock pot steak and gravy over rice, mac and cheese, carrots
14. oven steaks, baked potatoes, salad, Strawberry Cake for My Mama's Birthday
15. *New Recipe (Life as a Lofthouse) Bajio Chile Chicken Salad
16. Pulled Pork, Texas Toast, Cole Slaw
17. Leftover Pulled Pork Sandwich's 
18.  *NEW Recipe (Mandy's Recipe Box) Greek Souvlaki ..pork kabobs, French Fries and dinner rolls
19.  Meatloaf with tomato sauce and green peppers and onions, rice and tomatoes, corn on the cob, corn muffins
20.  Spaghetti, Garlic Toast, salad
21.  Leftover spaghetti / Shepherd's pie
22.  Philly Steak sandwich's, French Fries ...yum
23.  *NEW RECIPE (The Hungry Housewife) Crock Pot Pork Chops , rice, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, rolls
24.   Beef Stew over rice, green beans rolls
25.  Southwestern Chicken Burritos, Nachos
26.  Grilled steaks, home made fries, dinner rolls, apple pie
27.  Homemade pizza
28.  Hamburger Gravy with onions, over rice, broccoli, mac n cheese
29.  Crock pot BBQ shredded chicken, baked beans , left over mac n cheese, Texas toast
30.  Steak Fajita, Nachos