Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 4/6/11

Wordless Wednesday here again. 

Here is a picture of my guy enjoying the penguins at the zoo.


  1. I wonder what is going through their minds? Good photo.
    I am a new follower from WW hop.
    Please do drop by. I have a review/giveaway blog. I am a not the greatest cook in the world and mostly b/c I never know what to cook. This is a great idea for a blog. I am glad I found it.

  2. Squeee! I love penguins and can't wait to take my little boy to meet them!!

    Love this picture! :o)

  3. Ha! I think that penguin is enjoying him as much as he is enjoying the penguin! SO cute!
    I am following you! Come visit me and enter some of my giveaways!!

  4. the penguins are one of my favorites!!!

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  6. I found you on the Wednesday Social Buzz, I am your newest GFC follower. If you could check out my blog and follow me back I would appreciate it. Thanks Amber

  7. Hey I'm following back! Your little one is so cute! With the weather (hopefully) looking better around here, I'm hoping to get my two monkeys to the zoo soon so that we can look at some penguins :)

  8. I'm running behind from ww, I want to see penguins they look cute. My son ask me does penguins make ice cream? He said they live where it's cold and ice.