Thursday, March 17, 2011


Walgreens deals this week

 I made my 2nd trip to Walgreens this week for the. 69 Gatorade.  My boys use Gatorade all the time with baseball but the first trip they were out of most flavors and their is a 10 limit.  While I was there I got several items that were register rewards.  However, a tip for all of you new to couponing since I had to learn the hard way.  You may already know.  If you use register rewards on a transaction you don't get register rewards back.  Makes since I suppose.  I totally messed up today though I had several things to get RR and didn't realize this and used the ones I had .  I was very not happy when the cashier hands me my receipt with no rewards.  ERGH.   I still did great I suppose but just knowing I could have done better slap drives me crazy.  Anyway, live and learn I guess. Have a great St. Patrick's Day.

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