Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coupon Trip Headache

OH my goodness.  Went to Publix today since we had an orthodontist appointment and were in town.  Let me just say it took longer for my cashier to go through my coupons than it did for me to go through the store and pick them up.  CRAZY.

  Now I understand that the coupon policy has changed and that cashiers have to do their jobs etc so please no hate mail here.  But listen to this experience.

  I set my coupons up beside where you do your debit card ,. and am going through making sure I have all the products for the coupons organizing for the cashier.   Well as I am doing this she yanks them up and spreads them all over the belt where you do groceries?? So, I am thinking OK.??  Then she proceeds to go and tell me how you have to be careful with coupons blah blah there are many  not real and shes not losing her job over them blah blah and they really just take up so much time.  Obviously this cashier isn't fond of coupons. I am patiently ignoring Georgia the cashier at this point  trying to be understanding and polite.

 OK, so then I have the dentastix coupons for $2 off 1 , (I have 2 coupons and 2 dentastix) so she has to call the manager to know can she use 2 of these.  So, then the manager explains nicely yes I can. Then my cashier Georgia is like but why that's more than one coupon.  Poor lady she needs someone to explain it to her I suppose.   OK, I should have asked the manager to stay and do my coupons from here it only gets worse lol.  So, then Georgia proceeds to scan a couple of coupons scan a couple of groceries.  I'm thinking what on Earth?  Usually it has been my experience that the cashier scans the stack of coupons at the end of your purchase, and uses the receipt to go through if she needs the price for something.  Oh, no not Ms. Georgia the cashier.   She would pick up a coupon and be like "OH, no has this grown threw?"  Then, ask the bagger to get it back out so she could check the price.  Seriously?!   She also would stop and scrutinize the coupon and be like are you sure you got this? Then she would tell me  " I just need them to see me on video asking about the coupons so there is  no problem?  "

 Anyway, you get the picture this went on and on and on.  I must have began to look very frazzled because the dear lady who came up behind me was like you are fine honey doesn't bother me a bit I think its great you use coupons =) thank you nice lady.  I must say my bag boy was awesome the cashier would be fussing about cake mix and he'd be like yes mam just bagged that SEE.   By the end of this trip I was thinking dear goodness is this worth the trouble.  Today's savings was $47.87 and out of pocket I spent $233. (ouch).  Not the best but heck that's a tank of gas or almost right.


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