Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smiley Cookies

I won the giveaway for Smiley Cookies from Mon Cheri  I must say I LOVE winning giveaways.  I have won nothing overly huge , but even a cookie gets me excited. 

Smiley Cookies did just that today they put a smile on mine and Little Man's face.  We came home from a very trying time in town to a box by the door.  Smiley Cookies Yay!  I opened them up and they came in a great box.  I can't wait to find another use for this cute box it has smiley faces all over it and is very durable.  = a happy me!  Then the cookies are as cute as can be and pretty darn large!  My guy wanted one immediately!!  Of course I let him have one.  We had a play date this afternoon and shared them also.  They were a success there too! Yay!  They were so big he actually only ate 1/2 then he wanted to save it for later.  Yes, later came and he came back and finished that cookie.

                           He had to have just 1 bite before we took the picture.

 Thank You for Making our Day better Mon Cheri & Smiley Cookie!

The paper that came with the cookies even says you can freeze them.  I really really like this about them.  I think I am going to try to sneak a few into the freezer before my 3 kiddos make them all disappear tonight.  You can also customize your own cookie.  I'm thinking these would go over really good at a kids party ... definitely will be keeping these in the back of my mind. 

Whitehead's Monthly Menu gives  Smiley Cookies a thumbs up! 

Thanks again Mon Cheri for this lovely giveaway.  So happy to be your winner!

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