Monday, February 7, 2011


SUPER excited about my coupon saving this week.  It took me forever it seemed like to organize my coupons, make my list , get it in my head what I was buying on sale , and then making a list of what we needed also.  It is the rainiest nastiest day out today but I said by golly we are going to the grocery store & Walgreen's and going to try this kind of shopping.  A few bumps in the road I am definitely learning as I go.  The Walgreen's system is a bit confusing to me.  It probably shouldn't be, cant be rocket science right?  But I still at this very moment do not understand why I had to add something for .99 to make my coupon work.  OK but that's all good.  We are making progress and now I am on board 100% after the total saving from today.  I don't care if it takes me a while to be organized it was worth it. 

$110.24 SAVED today!  I'm so excited so proud of me =)  It is only my 2nd week of couponing.  Imagine when I know what I am doing.

Here are some of my bargains I found this week. 
pickles are buy one get one with coupon they end up .40 a jar
Ritz crackers are .99 at Walgreen's $1.00 coupon in newspaper = FREE
Hershey's candy bites X 4 at .50 a pack
2 pro glide razors @ $1.99 each after register rewards
2 Colgate toothbrushes FREE after using register rewards
2 boxes of toothpaste @ .50  after coupon and RR
2 packs of  Knorr pasta sides .15 a pack 
2 Lloyd's pulled pork $1.75 a tub

and the best deal would be that Publix accepts Mother Earth coupons .  Mother Earth has a coupon for $10 off of $50 or $15 off of $75.  Yep $15.   

That is just some of what I bought not to mention all of the regular priced stuff also.  Now let me say again $110.24 saved. 

What is the most you have ever saved on a shopping trip?  I'd love to hear how you save or all about a great savings adventure you have had.  Leave me some comment love.

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