Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pull Ups Potty Dance Party

27 Days away until we do the potty dance around around and around this house!  So, excited to see all of these little ones dancing around with their parents.  What fun!!  Can't wait until my party pack arrives from house party.  This is my first party with them.  The planning has begun.  I'm thinking cute little iron on shirts may be in order.  I need an idea for a diaper free or potty cupcake lol.  I love planning a party.  How about you?

Have you already potty trained ? Or just beginning any tips?  I have a 14 , 12, and 2 year old.  My 14 year old was a daughter and she potty trained fast and EASY.  12 year old is a boy and I remember him taking FOREVER or that's how it seemed at the time .  I'm hoping if my 2 year old hears from his bubba all about the potty he will want to do it to and maybe will be a tad bit easier.  He loves everything his big brother does so maybe? or wishful thinking? 

What about potty chairs any advice? recommendations?  It has been 10 years since I needed to purchase one of those. Has technology changed the potty chair too?  Who knows what it will take to get this little man trained.  So, far he has shown no interest so we shall see.  I'm not in a huge hurry either.  He is our last baby (or that's what we're thinking at this point).  Any tips for me?

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