Saturday, February 26, 2011

March, Spring & Strawberries

Time to start thinking about my March menu.  I can't believe this month has just flown by hasn't it?

 It's warming up here in Florida , so I guess it will be time to put the soups and stews away and look for more Spring like foods.  What are some of your favorite things to eat in the Spring?  Strawberries are our  #1.  We love them anyway you serve them.  My kids favorite way is just plain old strawberries just the way they are.  My favorite is strawberry shortcake. 

We celebrate strawberries in this little town.  We're a town who has a lot of agriculture and so strawberries are a big money maker for a lot of families here.   There is a huge Strawberry festival held every year on our historic main street.  We have a Strawberry Pageant, where a Strawberry Queen and Princess are selected.  Shortcake contest, Strawberry Pie , a great big strawberry mascot & so much more strawberry fun.

 Oh, yummy!  I have never entered the food contest, but we have a great ti me trying out some of the different contenders.  MMM good right!  

My Granny use to make a strawberry pie that I would hurt someone for. It was a ribbon winning pie.   Man was that thing finger licking good.  She never shared the recipe.  After she died I tried to make one how I thought she made hers.  Boy was that ever a disaster.  One of them" I Love Lucy moments" I sometimes talk about.  I don't even know how I did this but I somehow exploded red sticky jello all over my kitchen.  You talk about a mess.  After that I vowed to never ever try and make a strawberry pie again.  So, you won't see strawberry pie on my menu this spring, but boy did I love that pie.

What about where you are from, is there a food that means something to your town?  A recipe your Grandma use to make that you only wish you could? 

Have a great weekend all.  We are headed to the ball field tomorrow to watch some "Hitmen" baseball.  Go #12!!  Baseball another favorite of Spring. 

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