Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chicken Burrito Recipe

cburritoThis is one of my new favorite recipes!!  Why?  My teenage daughter loves burritos.  You Mamas with teenagers and kids for that matter know they always come in from school STARVING.  Mine certainly do.  Well this recipe makes 16 burritos.  I have made it 3 times and gotten 16 all 3 times.  I usually use 1 pan for dinner and then take the 2nd pan and put into individual zip lock bags and freeze.  Then she can just pop one out for a snack , or me for lunch and microwave and its just so EASY. 

This recipe calls for rice.  I cook rice quite often so what I usually do is cook a little bit extra and freeze it , and then I always have some handy when I want to make this recipe. 

Chicken Burrito Recipe

2 cans re fried beans (I usually use only 1 can)

3/4 cup salsa

4 cups cubed cooked chicken

2-3 cups cooked rice (I used white long grain)

4 cups shredded cheese (or to taste). Divide into 2 cups + 2 cups. Save 2 cups to top burritos at the end of baking.

16 medium size tortillas

Mix all ingredients together. Spread 1/16 of mixture on tortilla and roll up.. . Place in large rectangular casserole dish. Bake at 350 for 20 to 30 minutes. The last 10 minutes put remaining 2 cups of cheese on burritos. Serve with favorite toppings like salsa, taco sauce, sour cream, etc. Two of these are very filling. I like to make a side of Spanish rice too. Makes the meal go further if needed. If cooking from frozen plan on almost doubling the cook time. Enjoy!  Or you can microwave a frozen single burrito it takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds in my microwave.


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