Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aprils' menu

1.chicken and rice, gb , mac n cheese
2.  hb steaks, brown onion gravy over rice with carrots
3. fall off bone ribs, cole slaw , mac n cheese
4. grilled hb and french fries
5.  Happy Birthday to me Texas tenders, lipton onion potatoes
6. spaghetti, cheesy pull apart bread
7. ham, maccaroni, gb
8. pan steaks, corn cob, baked potato
9. porkroast, oven fried potates
10. ball tournament out of town
11. Ihop breakfast with bacon
12. chilis monerty chicken, lipton onion potato pckts
13. easy manicotti, homemade pizza
14. ham, maccaroni and gb
15. tomato basil porkchops, hashbrown cassrole and gb
16. taco salad
17. pot roast over mashed potatoes carrots biscuits
18.  barbeque roast sandwichs
19. fried chicken / mashed potatoes/ mac n cheese
20. spaghetti bake
21. meatloaf
22. smotherporkchops over rice
23. baked ziti with sausage and texas toast
24. ball tournament out of town
25. out
26. hb ff
27. spagetti with meatballs cheese bread
28.  oven steaks, baked poatoes broccoli
29.  sausage, rice and tomatoes corn muffins
30. fajittas

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