Monday, February 8, 2010

February 2010 Menu

Finally, my February menu is up.  Sorry, for the delay guys.  I have been crazy busy with Dr.'s and had stuff on my mind.  Fortunatly, looks like things are returning to normal so here it is.  Better late than never correct.

1. left overs/sandwichs
2. fried steak, rice & gravy, gb and biscuits
3. pot roast, mash potatoes, mac n cheese
4. spaghetti
5. baked pork chops, yams, and mac -n- cheese
6. Carribean shrimp packets over rice
7. grilled steak and ff
8.  broiled tilapia, oven poatoes
9. fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gb
10. chili mac and corn muffins
11. sausage and vegetable medley
12. hb, hot dogs and ff
13. honeylime grilled chicken, rice and veggie
14. sonolan shrimp packet, and chili rice
15. chicken and noodles, biscuits , peas, mac n cheese
16. meatloaf, rice and tomatoes, corn muffins nad carrots
17. pan fried porkchops, buttery green beans, augratin potatoes
18. beef tips over rice, mac n cheese, tomato slices
19. bbq roast beef sandwichs ff
20. Jamie's homemade spaghettti
21.  homemade chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese
22. cheesy hb hash, gb rolls
23. steak fajitas
24. ham, mac n cheese, sweet potatoes
25. chicken sandwichs, ff, tomato slices
26. porkchop packet
27. round steak with vegetable gravy in crockpot, baked potato
28. bbbq crockpot chicken , corn on cob, seasoned potato packets

*german chocolate cheesecake
*mint Andes cookies