Thursday, December 31, 2009

January 2010 Menu

January 2010 Menu
1. black eyed peas, cabbage, grilled pork chops
corn muffins
2. hamburgers, ff, leftover appetizers from Birthday party
3. spaghetti bake and Texas toast
4.  Ham, sweet potatoes, mac-n-cheese
5. pot roast/rice/lo mac/gb
6. chili mac & cheesy cornbread
7. leftovers or sandwichs
8. chicken and rice/mac-cheese/gb
9. sausage/rice/tomatoes/cucumbers/cornbread
10. homemade pizzas
11. fried pork chops/slice tomatoes/dinner rolls/broccoli/rice & gravy
12. spaghetti gb sticks
13. baked potato soup & cheesy pull apart bread
14. chicken lasagna / salad
15. stew over rice/ dinner rolls/ mac-n-cheese
16. pulled pork/ LO mac/ ff
17. taco salads
18. veg. beef soup/grilled cheese sandwichs
19. bbq chicken breast, baked beans, mac-n-cheese
20. crock pot stuffed shells, cheesy pull apart bread
21. hb steaks with brown onion gravy, mash potatoes,
steamed broccoli, green beans
22. chili bake and salads
23. hashbrown casserole (crockpot), grilled pork chops, green beans, rolls
24. Fried chicken, mash potatoes with gravy, broccoli mix, rolls
25. taco stuffed baked potatoes with salads
26. meat loaf, rice/tomatoes, corn muffins, carrots
27. spaghetti
28. hamburger rice a roni, cabbage, mac n cheese
29. fried shrimp, french fried potatoes
30.ham, mac n cheese & green beans
31. leftovers or sandwichs

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