Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December's Menu

  1. Chili mac and corn muffins
  2. baked ham, mac n cheese, squash, gb
  3. crispy fried chicken, brown gravy, mash potatoes & broccoli
  4. pulled pork in crock pot, macaroni and french fries
  5. crock pot salsibury steak mash potatoes gb
  6. spaghetti & garlic bread
  7. country fried steak, rice with gravy and candied carrots
  8. chicken noodles, mac n cheese, gb
  9. meat loaf, rice with tomatoes, corn on cob and cornbread
  10. homemade pizza night
  11. ribs, steam veggie packets
  12. grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, corn, baked beans, chips
  13. fried shrimp, french fries
  14. cheeseburger macaroni, salad, dinner rolls
  15. steak sandwichs, seasoned potatoes
  16. baked ham, mac n cheese, mashed sweet potatoes
  17. fried pork chops, rice with gravy, gb
  18. bbq cheesy chicken *new recipe from mommy's kitchen, augratin potaotes and corn on the cob
  19. beef tips over rice, broccoli , dinner rolls
  20. quesadillas, layered dip and chips
  21. grilled cheese, homemade vegetable soup
  22. chicken and rice, mac- n- cheese, gb
  23. Hamburgers, french fries, sliced tomatoes
  24. Christmas Eve Dinner at My Mom's House
  25. Christmas Day LO at mama's/pizza
  26. grilled steaks, french fries , and rolls
  27. grilled pork chops, corn on the cob, Baked Beans
  28. Fall off the bone ribs (*new recipe mommys kitchen) mac-n-cheese, LO bake beans
  29. sliced tomato and cucumber salad, meat loaf, mashed potaotes
  30. spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread
  31. Crock pot stew over rice, green beans, butter biscuits

*gb = green beans *LO left over

* You will notice I use gb a lot I have a houseful of picky eaters so forgive me. Macaroni and cheese and green beans and french fries are a Must have


  1. Your menu looks great. Thanks for adding your url to you menu. We eat very similar I got some new ideas. Ü

  2. I noticed you won a prize at two of a kind blog but haven't claimed it yet? I don't know your email to tell you but check your email because they contacted you to tell you and it expires SOON! ☺

  3. Tooth Fairy, Thanks the prize was claimed the same day and we are anxiously awaiting its arrival.